A&O Mecanum Rover

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This repository contains construction data and software for our "homebrew" robot vehicle. It features mecanum wheels, 4 independent motors, a Raspberry Pi, multiple sensors, Arduino microcontroller(s) and Java-based control software. You can see the robot in action on our YouTube channel or browse the DemoCamp slides.

If you'd like to know more, contact us at oliver dot springauf at gmx dot de

Rover components

Component Qty Desc Info
motors 4 ZHAOWEI ZWPD024024-36-H (3..12V, max. 0.28A, 135rpm, 5.88cNm, 36:1, 4x8mm axis, 24.5x70mm)
wheels 4 60mm MECANUM
motor control 1 Adafruit DC motor/stepper HAT (16 channel I�C PWM controller PCA9685; 4 H-Bridges TB6612 1.2A per bridge)
brain 1 Raspberrry Pi 3
display 1 SH1160 OLED (128x64)
servo 1 SG90, 23x12,2x29mm, Drehmoment: 1,5kg / cm, Betriebsgeschwindigkeit: 0,3 Sekunde / 60 Grad, Betriebsspannung: 4,2 - 6V (>100mA)


see installation

Development tools

  • Eclipse
  • Arduino IDE
  • KiCad schematic editor
  • Tinkercad

I�C bus devices

Adr device
0x0B turret MCU (Arduino)
0x3E JLX1602G display
0x60 motor HAT
0x70 motor HAT broadcast
0x1E compass / HMC5883L
0x3C SH1106 OLED display
0x3F 1602 LCD display
0x48 ADS1115 A/D converter