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System Requirements for Running GEAR

In order to run GEAR we recommend your computer has:

  • Modern multi-core CPU, e.g. Intel Core i5
  • 8 Gb of RAM
  • Discrete Graphics Card, e.g. Nvidia GTX 650
  • Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 Trusty (64-bit)
  • Gazebo 7.5.0 (<7.5.0 is not sufficient)
  • ROS Indigo

The system setup tutorial details the recommended process for installing Gazebo, ROS and GEAR.

Alternative system setups

It is possible to run GEAR inside of a virtual machine. You may need to turn off 3D/hardware acceleration.

Instead of ROS Indigo, you can choose to use ROS Kinetic (if running Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial). GEAR can be run using ROS Kinetic, but as Kinetic is a more recent release of ROS there is a chance that not all packages that you wish to use for participating in the competition have been released. For this reason we recommend ROS Indigo on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty.

It is possible to run GEAR on a different operating system, but it is not recommended.