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Gazebo - A dynamic multi-robot simulator

This is the Gazebo simulator.  Gazebo simulates multiple robots in a
3D environment, with extensive dynamic interaction between objects.

Instructions are located at

Gazebo cmake parameters available at configuring time:
 - USE_LOW_MEMORY_TEST (bool) [default False]
   Use reduced version of tests which need less quantity of RAM memory
   Ignore system checks to look for graphic and acceleration support and
   compile all the test suite.
 - ENABLE_TESTS_COMPILATION (bool) [default True]
   Enabled or disable the test suite compilation. 
 - ENABLE_SCREEN_TESTS (bool) [default True]
   Enable or disable tests that need screen rendering to run properly.
   Headless machines or machines with the screen turned off should set this to

Read the installation instructions ( in the online manual for generic instructions.  For most people, the following sequence will suffice:

  $ make uninstall (inside the gazebo-trunk/build directory)

- Nate Koenig

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