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Issue #20 resolved

Fix support for looking ros related depedencies

Jose Luis Rivero
created an issue

Currently, gazebo is not able to find ros related depedencies if the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH is not pointing to ros cmake modules.

Need to be fixed:

  • Jenkins scripts.
  • gazebo-release/ubuntu/debian/rules: currently set PKG_CONFIG_PATH in the configure step, but will also need the cmake prefix.
  • http://gazebosim.org/wiki/DRC/Install#Ubuntu_Linux_2 : installation instructions prescribe setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH on the cmake call; should use the same cmake prefix.

Comments (3)

  1. Brian Gerkey

    61dde34 should fix the debbuild jobs (still needs to be merged to default as part of issue #21).

    The wiki documentation was updated last week.

    Haven't touched the Jenkins scripts for Gazebo devel jobs. Focused on getting the .debs working first.

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