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       /// \brief Computes inertiaRatio for this joint during Joint::Init
       /// The inertia ratio for each joint between [1, +inf] gives a sense
       /// of how well this model will perform in iterative LCP methods.
-      public: void ComputeInertiaRatio();
+      private: void ComputeInertiaRatio();
       /// \brief The first link this joint connects to
       protected: LinkPtr childLink;


     this->GetMemInfo(residentCur, shareCur);
     if (i > 1)  // give it 2 cycles to stabilize
-      // EXPECT_LE(residentCur, residentLast);
-      // EXPECT_LE(shareCur, shareLast);
       EXPECT_TRUE(math::equal(residentCur, residentLast));
       EXPECT_TRUE(math::equal(shareCur, shareLast));
   EXPECT_EQ(child->GetName(), "body1");
 int main(int argc, char **argv)
   ::testing::InitGoogleTest(&argc, argv);


   // Allows access to impulse
-  this->ComputeInertiaRatio();
   double result = 0;
   math::Vector3 globalAxis = this->GetGlobalAxis(0);
   if (this->childLink)
-  {
     result += globalAxis.Dot(this->childLink->GetWorldAngularVel());
-  }
   if (this->parentLink)
     result -= globalAxis.Dot(this->parentLink->GetWorldAngularVel());
   return result;


   gContactAddedCallback = ContactCallback;
   gContactProcessedCallback = ContactProcessed;
-//  this->dynamicsWorld->setInternalTickCallback(
-//      InternalTickCallback, static_cast<void *>(this));
+  this->dynamicsWorld->setInternalTickCallback(
+      InternalTickCallback, static_cast<void *>(this));
   // Set random seed for physics engine based on gazebo's random seed.
   // Note: this was moved from physics::PhysicsEngine constructor.
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