Create video recording widget for GUI

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Steffi Paepcke created an issue

Users should have access to an easy video-making tool in the GUI.

Possible features/characteristics: - should record the robot and the state of the controllers (to make rewinding possible) - users can drag a marker back and forth to scan through the simulation (rewindable) - users can change params like speed and replay the simulation faster/slower - let users zoom in/out on the data - "Track & Dolly" views: toggle that lets you set the camera so it tracks the robot from a stationary position, or moves alongside the robot like a dolly - users can add keyframes to a simulation recording so that it’s possible to jump from one important spot to another in the recording - option to Save State (screenshot) or Save Data (takes video and records controllers as well) - video can be reloaded and played - offer different camera angles for video-making so the robot doesn’t zoom off-screen

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