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Issue #1540 new
Steve Peters created an issue

There was some really nice work done by @tkhurana to create gazebo worlds from open street map data that was submitted in pull request #1060, but it was declined due to a feature freeze. I have pulled her gazebo_osm branch into this repository so that it can be resubmitted for review.

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  1. Krystian Gebis

    Upvoting this. Ive made a few additions to her code on my fork in the past few days. The osmapi does not seem to provide the exported/requested data correctly. So when specifying a bounding box for the data you would like, you would get the data for the roads that only exist (start/end) within the specified boundary area, but if a road within the boundary area extends out of the box, then the osmapi (actually even the osm web export too) would provide you with all the points for that road extending out of the box until it ends, say at an intersection. So with the area that tashwin was testing with, el camino road was included, therefore alot of unwanted points where provided, causing the world to take forever to load. I fixed this by checking every node point extracted from the map.osm file and verifying whether it is within the initially specified boundary area.

    Another thing that I think would be a good feature is allowing for road smoothness. Im not sure whether this should be done from within of the gazebo source, or already from a higher level map generator like the gazebo_osm package. For the time being, to allow for other members on my team to utilize this package, im trying to implement a cubic hermite spline for the individual road points for a single road to create smoother roads.

    Also another thing I think that can/should be added is dealing with bridges, as now a highway and a street simply show up as an regular street intersection.

    Id be happy to help in the further development of this

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