Add the ability to read and write the camera pose by coordinates from the GUI

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Issue #1595 closed
Chris Spencer created an issue

It would be useful if camera's current x/y/z/r/p/y pose values were visible in the left-hand panel, with the option to set them as you would any other Gazebo variable. Currently, if you want to find the exact camera pose, you have to manually position the camera with the mouse, save the world to a file, and then scrap the coordinates from the file.

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  1. Steve Peters

    I've started implementing this in 2a3626395b52 (branch issue_1595). There's one thing I'd like to add still: reducing the increment for the roll/pitch/yaw boxes when you use the scroll wheel. Currently the increment is 1.0, which is too big.

    @chapulina @iche033 any advice?

  2. Ian Chen

    Currently all pose properties have a default increment of 1.0. We could update all pose properties or just the camera pose, any preference?

  3. Steve Peters

    I would like the rotation increment reduced for all pose properties. Is that in a qss somewhere?

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