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Thomas Koletschka created an issue

It might be nice to have objects placed on top of existing surface instead of height 0. For example when placing objects on uneven/elevated terrain the object should follow the terrain instead of the ground plane. Maybe it should also automatically go on top of other objects at the same location (e.g. when there's a table the object would automatically be placed on top of the table). You could allow the user to switch between this mode and the existing mode where models are placed on the ground plane (at height 0).

What I'm talking about is actually known as "Follow Terrain" and "Follow Terrain and Objects" modes in some game engine editors (e.g. Cry Engine 3 Editor: http://freesdk.crydev.net/display/SDKDOC2/Placing+and+Modifying+Objects).

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  1. Steffi Paepcke

    Good idea. I've wanted to do this myself and got some similar feedback at the Kickoff.

    Nate, we can work together to figure out the GUI control for this. My initial thought is to have "Snap to" be an option on right-click on an object. From there, users can Snap to Ground Plane, or Snap to Object. We'll need to talk through how many options they get for snapping to other objects. Is it just the objects close by? All objects in the world?

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