DART support for a link being child of two different joints

Issue #1933 resolved
Louise Poubel
created an issue

DART segfaults when destroying the world if there is a link which is the child of two different joints. This happens in the PR2 for example, but any simple model with 3 links and 2 joints is sufficient to trigger the problem:

<sdf version="1.5">
  <world name="default">
    <model name="box">
      <link name="link1" />
      <link name="link2" />
      <link name="link3" />
      <joint name="joint1" type="revolute">
          <xyz>1 0 0</xyz>
      <joint name="joint2" type="revolute">
          <xyz>0 1 0</xyz>

This looks like an upstream issue.