`gz log --echo` renders state log unplayable

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If I have a state log captured by gazebo using -r, and then run a filter over it, I have issues playing back the resulting file even if no filter is used.

that is, I am simply using (for debug purposes):

gz log --echo --file before_small.log > after_small.log

and I find that after_small.log is not playable. I get:

[Err] [World.cc:2180] Unable to find model[robot]

printed repeatedly, while before_small.log is playable with

 rosrun gazebo_ros gazebo -p `pwd/`before_small.log --verbose --pause

(the --pause is necessary or it will not play).

I've attached the log files and the diff (txt versions). The log file was created using the software for the ARIAC competition (https://bitbucket.org/osrf/ariac/wiki/tutorials) and involves a UR10 arm using URDF and xacro. Without that arm (the model "robot"), everything works fine.

I've only tried with gazebo 7.4 from debs

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  1. d_hood reporter

    that looks about right to me. Just to be clear: the files I attached were created without any filter being used (unless there is a default filter that's used when --filter is not specified)

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