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`gz log --echo` renders state log unplayable

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If I have a state log captured by gazebo using -r, and then run a filter over it, I have issues playing back the resulting file even if no filter is used.

that is, I am simply using (for debug purposes):

gz log --echo --file before_small.log > after_small.log

and I find that after_small.log is not playable. I get:

[Err] [] Unable to find model[robot]

printed repeatedly, while before_small.log is playable with

 rosrun gazebo_ros gazebo -p `pwd/`before_small.log --verbose --pause

(the --pause is necessary or it will not play).

I've attached the log files and the diff (txt versions). The log file was created using the software for the ARIAC competition ( and involves a UR10 arm using URDF and xacro. Without that arm (the model "robot"), everything works fine.

I've only tried with gazebo 7.4 from debs

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  1. d_hood reporter

    that looks about right to me. Just to be clear: the files I attached were created without any filter being used (unless there is a default filter that's used when --filter is not specified)

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