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Maozhen Wang created an issue


I tried to run SRCSIM using DART engine but once the robot get inserted the all the links will break down and go to the origin. Similar problem happened to the model of PR2, Pioneer 2DX, iRobot Hand and maybe more. I'm using Gazebo 7.5 with DART4-dev.

I saw same problem in #1435, is there any updates on this problem? Thanks!


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  1. Nate Koenig

    We are working on upgrading gazebo to a new version of DART. It is unlikely that osrf will have time to fix this problem. We do encourage you to try fixing the problem.

  2. Steve Peters

    @Maowww I have simulated Valkyrie using dart, but there are some issues.

    1. The doorway in Qual task 2 uses a nested model, which isn't supported by DART. So that world won't be loadable with DART.

    2. The HarnessPlugin creates a joint dynamically in ODE, but this also doesn't work in DART. So I delete the plugin block from the valkyrie URDF and set gravity to 0 0 0 in the world. I then roslaunch the simulation without the init:=true argument and carefully adjust gravity to slowly lower the robot to the ground, then switch to high-level control mode with the following command:

    rostopic pub -1 /ihmc_ros/valkyrie/control/low_level_control_mode \
      ihmc_valkyrie_ros/ValkyrieLowLevelControlModeRosMessage \
      '{requested_control_mode: 2, unique_id: -1}'

    Let me know if that's not clear enough, and I'll try to upload a screen capture of this process the next time I do it.

  3. Maozhen Wang reporter

    @scpeters Thanks a lot! Removing HarnessPlugin makes the model work in DART. I'll try high-level control in your order, thanks again.

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