Use EGL to replace X server dependency

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Shane Loretz created an issue

RenderEngine::CreateContext() uses an X server on linux to create a context for opengl rendering. This adds extra work when running gzserver in the cloud or in a docker container

  • Requires an X server running for rendering, even on headless machines
  • When using Docker, have to mount a volume with a socket to an X server and start a container with a script that passes XAUTH data into the container.

It looks like EGL can be used instead. Here is another project discussing it a year ago. Here is an example that uses OpenGL without an X server. Here is an introduction to EGL. Here is an nvidia blog about using OpenGL without an X server.

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  1. Ian Chen

    It'll be nice to avoid creating the X server. Currently gazebo rendering is tied to ogre's render system component. Looking at the ogre repo, it seems that there is support for EGL though I've never tried it

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