DART physics engine crashed after deleting objects from gazebo.

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I am using dart in gazebo. I need to add and delete objects in gazebo. It works fine to add the object. But whenever I delete the object, dart will crash with the error message: "* Internal Program Error - assertion (dartLink2.get() != __null) failed in virtual void gazebo::physics::DARTPhysics::UpdateCollision(): /tmp/gazebo/gazebo/physics/dart/DARTPhysics.cc(157): dartLink2 in collision pare is NULL".

I used the gazebo SpawnModel to add and delete objects (http://gazebosim.org/tutorials?tut=ros_comm#SpawnModel). For example, add object: rosrun gazebo_ros spawn_model -database coke_can -sdf -model coke_can1 -y 2.2 -x -0.3, delete object: rosservice call gazebo/delete_model '{model_name: cokecan1}'

I tried to delete the object in gazebo without using dart (uses the default ODE physics engine of Gazebo instead), which works well. So I guess it can be DART or the glue code of Gazebo for DART.

I also created one issue in DART repo.

Thank you for the help!

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