Issue #2432 resolved
Cecília Costa created an issue

Environment: NVidia GTX 760, Ubuntu.

The issue can be reproduced following the tutorial in

The bean resulting from the following code snippet results in a darker blue area in the sensor bean. The issue seems to be only visual, but I cannot asure it doesn't have other side effects.


  <!-- The scan element contains the horizontal and vertical beams.
       We are leaving out the vertical beams for this tutorial. -->

    <!-- The horizontal beams -->
      <!-- The velodyne has 32 beams(samples) -->

      <!-- Resolution is multiplied by samples to determine number of
           simulated beams vs interpolated beams. See:

      <!-- Minimum angle in radians -->

      <!-- Maximum angle in radians -->

  <!-- Range defines characteristics of an individual beam -->

    <!-- Minimum distance of the beam -->

    <!-- Maximum distance of the beam -->

    <!-- Linear resolution of the beam -->

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  1. Louise Poubel

    Thanks for the ticket!

    Pull request #1607 added different colors to the laser visual according to whether it hits something or not. That went into Gazebo 6. It looks like the tutorial needs an updated screenshot, here's where it lives.

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