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Regelungstechnik HSU created an issue


The model editor shows unexpected behavior when trying to scale or rotate simple shapes (such as cube or sphere): the axis of rotation/scaling do neither align to body coordinates, nor world coordinates, but rather make it impossible to modify shapes in any predictable manner. This does not occur in world editor, solely in model editor mode. Tested versions are 9.1.1 and 7.13. They were both updated during the last month -- however, in 7.0.0 there is no such problem.

Workarounds and roll-back have not yielded any avail. Systems: ubuntu 16.04 LTS (as windows subsystem and native ubuntu machine). Current ros versions are installed.

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  1. Regelungstechnik HSU reporter

    Indeed, this is a similar situation.

    However, the suggested solution (saving to file) didn't work. Plus, there is no 'predictable' alignment to another origin (in the gif the control jumps to the world origin -- which is not the case on my setup).

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