Cannot find member named ‘SetUserAgent’

Issue #2494 resolved
Jerry Lin created an issue


  • Arch Linux
  • ignition-cmake 0.4.1-1
  • ignition-common 1.0.1-2
  • ignition-fuel_tools 1.0.0-1
  • ignition-math 4.0.0-1
  • ignition-msgs 1.0.0-1
  • ignition-tools 0.1.0-1
  • ignition-transport 4.0.0-1

Steps to re-produce

I build the gazebo-hg AUR package, which should provide up-to-date sources, on Arch Linux. The building instructions is shown in the PKGBUILD file, which follows the official instructions with minor patches.

To build an AUR package, I download the snapshot of this AUR package (the link can be seen in AUR page), then run makepkg to build this package.

The build finally ends in ‘class ignition::fuel_tools::ClientConfig’ has no member named ‘SetUserAgent’ error. It seems it's related to ignition-* packages. Please checkout the attachment for detailed build logs.

Comments (5)

  1. Steven Peters

    if that's the case, then we should add that version to gazebo's find_package call for fuel-tools

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