Collada file created by Sketchup is not fully loaded in gazebo 9.x

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Issue #2576 new
zengtaiping created an issue

Hi, I found that the Collada file exported from SketchUp 2018 works good in gazebo 2.x (with ros indigo), but not fully loaded in gazebo 9.x (with ros melodic). Are there any tutorials converting SketchUp models to Gazebo models? Any help would be appreciated. Similar question in gazebo answers.

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  1. Amosov Alexey

    I have a similar problem. The .dae files were launched in gazebo7, but some stopped running in gazebo 9

  2. zengtaiping reporter

    Hi, Amosov Alexey. Thank you for your feedback. I do not solve it yet. If you find any possible solutions, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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