No shadows and sun light with non-Nvidia GPUs

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Issue #2623 new
Ринат Назаров created an issue

There is no sunlight and shadows when using a non-Nvidia GPU.

Gazebo versions 7.x–9.x are affected. Encountered this issue on every machine with Intel or AMD GPU.


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  1. Ринат Назаров reporter

    I’m not sure, that it’s the same issue. Spot and point lights don’t cast shadows even with Nvidia GPUs because this feature just isn’t implemented.

    On the other side with non-Nvidia GPUs you have incorrect lighting conditions – scene is dark, no sunlight at all. I suppose it could be some OGRE+Mesa issue.

    P.S. AFAIR if you use amdgpu-pro driver, the sunlight is back, but still it doesn’t cast shadows.

  2. Ринат Назаров reporter

    Hey, everyone! I’ve found recently that there’s really strange behavior — after deleting the ground plane new models are spawned with all lighting and shadow effects.

    So it seems to be a rendering issue, and not a driver/hardware problem.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Launch gazebo
    2. Insert any model — see no lights
    3. Remove inserted model and ground plane
    4. Insert a model again and see the difference

    After launch default:

    With ground plane removed:

  3. Ian Chen

    there’s likely a problem with shadows for directional lights on non-nvidia gpus. You can try going to the left menu, select Scene, and uncheck shadows. This may bring sunlight back into the simulation.

  4. Ринат Назаров reporter

    Right, unchecking shadows fixes darkness, but here's the thing — if you add some surface to the scene after deleting ground plane... shadows are working.

    Here I’ve added lunar_tranquillitatis_pit to the scene:

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