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Issue #2638 resolved
acxz created an issue

I am currently trying to build the latest release (10.1) from source. I have also installed the latest release sdformat and ignition packages from source.

When trying to build gazebo dependencies (sdformat and ignition packages) from source, I follow this page ( There is a versions section that lists the relevant sdformat/ignition versions to install for each Gazebo version. However, there is not an entry for the latest Gazebo release.

Noting this I went ahead and just installed the latest releases for the sdformat/ignition packages dependencies. Going through the installation procedure I reach the following error:

-- BUILD ERRORS: These must be resolved before compiling.
--  Missing: SDF version >=6. Required for reading and writing SDF files.
--  Missing: Ignition msgs1 library (libignition-msgs-dev).
--  Missing: Ignition math (libignition-math4-dev)
--  Missing: Ignition Transport (libignition-transport4-dev)

Okay so this tells me the information that should probably be on the versions page, I linked earlier. So I realize I need to downgrade my ignition-msgs, math, transport, but my sdformat package is 8.2 which is >=6. Should this be changed to =6 instead?


Installation documentation for dependent packages of gazebo is outdated (

And, sdformat version checking is incorrectly listed in gazebo’s CMakeLists.txt or gazebo is not properly finding sdformat 8.2 even when it is supposedly works.

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  1. Steve Peters

    Currently gazebo9 and gazebo10 only search for sdformat major version 6, while the sdformat default branch is version 8. So yes, please use the sdf6 branch with gazebo10, and someone should update the tutorial.

  2. acxz reporter

    I see thank you, I will try to figure out how to get the tutorial page updated or contact someone that can. And I guess there does not need to be another release for a small typo fix, right?

  3. acxz reporter

    I’ll go ahead and keep this issue open until the online webpage for the tutorial gets updated with the latest changes. Is there an ETA on that, @Jose Luis Rivero ?

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