Shouldn't need full build prereqs installed to build docs

Issue #27 wontfix
Brian Gerkey
created an issue

We have to run cmake successfully before `make doc`. This means that we need to install everything that cmake requires (ogre, qt, etc.).

It should be possible to `make doc` with just doxygen (and maybe a couple of other things) installed.

Right now, this only matters for the CI job that builds docs, and it doesn't matter very much even there.

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  1. Brian Gerkey reporter

    That would work for the doc case, but it's not ideal, as I'd have to expect and ignore a non-zero exit code from cmake. And I wouldn't know whether doxygen is available.

    Instead, I think that we should do something like `cmake -DDOC_ONLY` and `cmake -DPACKAGE_SOURCE_ONLY` to cause only the checking and configuration needed for each case. I'll take this issue and work on a solution like that when I get a chance.

  2. Brian Gerkey reporter
    • changed status to open

    The current approach lets you make doc, but doesn't let you generate the SDF documentation, which requires compiling the gzsdf tool. Separating that part out of the configuration might not be worthwhile, in which case this'll be a wontfix.

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