boost::shared_*_cast are deprecated, removed in boost 1.53

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Issue #581 closed
Steven Peters created an issue

Gazebo has boost::shared_static_cast() and boost::shared_dynamic_cast() function calls in many places, but this function was deprecated as long ago as boost 1.35 (search for deprecated in and has been removed in boost 1.53 (latest version). The recommend instead to use boost::dynamic_pointer_cast().

I came upon this while trying to compile on OS X and using the ros/groovy homebrew of ogre, which uses the latest boost version.

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  1. Steven Peters reporter
    for i in $(grep -rnI shared_dynamic_cast . | sed -e 's@:.*@@'); do sed -e 's@shared_dynamic_cast@dynamic_pointer_cast@g' $i > $i.tmp; mv $i.tmp $i; done
    for i in $(grep -rnI shared_static_cast . | sed -e 's@:.*@@'); do sed -e 's@shared_static_cast@static_pointer_cast@g' $i > $i.tmp; mv $i.tmp $i; done
  2. Steven Peters reporter

    @_jrivero_ I had fixed this issue, but it keeps coming back, since people are in the habit of using boost::shared_dynamic_cast. Do you have any advice for how to add this to tools/

  3. Jose Luis Rivero

    @scpeters let me work on defining and running our own cppcheck rules to find out this deprecated cases.

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