Collision system seems not work when there are joints in the model [Gazebo 1.5]

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Daniel Vaz
created an issue

I am using gazebo 1.5 compiled from source, in the model attached, there are two boxes linked by a y axis revolute joint.

If I remove the joint, the boxes collide and you can see one on top of another.

With joint there is an impression of one inside another.

To reproduce: I just started gazebo, click in the insert tab and add the model.

I am not sure if it is a strange behaviour, if it is restricted to y axis revolute joints, or just an error in the model.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Daniel Vaz reporter

    If there is no collision checking in between two links connected by a joint, then it is a expected behaviour, in this way it may be not a bug.

    I am not sure if the gazebo's user know it clearly. Maybe this should be clarified in documentation, perhaps it is already and I did not read this part.

    Thank you @Steven Peters

  2. Daniel Vaz reporter

    In the snapshot5.png you can see that joint show orientation in upward axes (the y axis (green) is correct, but the visualization is wrong), if you believe in the image the rotation should occur in left to right or right to left, not upward or downward.

    Maybe the ticket #issue 577 address this.

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