gazebo::init() not called before SDF parser

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Issue #769 closed
Brian Gerkey created an issue

(on the gazebo_1.9 branch)

The crash described in sdformat issue #7 is apparently caused by out-of-order initialization in Gazebo. The call to sdf::setFindCallback() in gazebo::init() doesn't (always) get called prior to invoking the SDF parser.

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  1. Paul Mathieu

    The problem still occurs when gzfactory is used to spawn a model, as gzfactory runs in a separate process. It is easily fixed, but I can send a pull request if needed.

  2. Enrique Fernández Perdomo

    Yes, the problem still happens.

    I've tried with gazebo (1.9) and gazebo-prerelease (1.9.5) using ubuntu 12.10 repositories.

    Error [] Tried to use callback in sdf::findFile(), but the callback is empty. Did you call sdf::setFindCallback()?

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