Cameras are not disabled when running headless

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Issue #814 new
Nate Koenig created an issue

gzserver will crash on a PC with no opengl support when running a robot with a camera.


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  1. Nevik Rehnel

    Well. I was going to re-create the log output from the crashing server and post it here, but that model (and world) are quite old (it's all in a ROS-fuerte/Gazebo 1.0 state), so I'll have to convert it first.

    We have been trying to avoid having to switch to newer versions (because of the rosdep->catkin change and because newer Gazebo refuses to work with old files) until now. I'll see if i can tinker something over the weekend.

    Meanwhile, any robot model with a camera should trigger the problem.

  2. Nevik Rehnel

    Unfortunately, I currently don't have the time to convert our existing project to a catkin package in order to make it work with a current ROS, nor can I extract only the camera part, since the URDF is somewhat intricate and spread over several files. I could also not find any robot model in the Gazebo model database with a camera (expect the model of the camera itself, and to use that would be, I think, somewhat pointless).

    I know of someone who has converted the relevant project to catkin though, and I'm reaching out to them to see if they can't provide me with those files. Until then, however, I can't be of more direct help in this issue.

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