Add support for pre gazebo-1.0.x model XML in parsing URDF's Gazebo Extensions

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Issue #82 closed
John Hsu created an issue

Current release of simulator_gazebo (1.6.16) in fuerte is based off the fuerte-branch.

To switch to the default branch, we need to tic-toc for the case where Gazebo (0.9.x) XML are included in URDF's Gazebo extensions.

Once that's completed, it should allow us to switch over to the default branch (Gazebo 1.2.x), where the stability have been greatly improved.

To be fix this, update urdf parser to test for old Gazebo 0.9.x XML and parse it via deprecated parser

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  1. Nate Koenig

    At this point we should just manually change all the old urdf files. It's a lot of extra work to support a format that is years old, and should not see the light of day again.

    John: We can divvy up this work. Let me know what files I should update.

  2. John Hsu reporter

    actually, this was already done in the gazebo-1.0 based fuerte branch and this gazebo-1.2 based branch used for groovy release which I recently merged it to gazebo-1.3 but not released in ros groovy yet pending more testing.

    Following things needs to happen:

    1. add deprecation warning when we see old SDF or old gazebo XML inside of Gazebo Extension blocks in URDF (urge peopel to switch Gazebo Extensions in their URDF to use the new SDF).
    2. start building ros's gazebo package with the official gazebo release branch.
    3. Once that's working, we can in theory update ros gazebo package to use system install of gazebo from our apt-repo?
  3. John Hsu reporter

    this is released in groovy. Next step is to tic-toc users to switch any gazebo extensions in urdf to the new sdf format, eliminating need for parser_deprecated and libxml2 dependencies. Then we can use system install of gazebo directly.

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