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#105 Merged at cfbd5cd

Added selection highlighting.

  1. Nathan Koenig

Added a class to draw wireframe boxes.

A wireframe box is attached to selected objects.

Resolved issue #87

Comments (9)

  1. Steven Peters

    It seems that the wireframe box fits the shape initially, but after movement, the box may move relative to the model and change size, so that it doesn't fit quite as well.

  2. Steven Peters

    Also, specific to this branch (it doesn't happen in default), clicking on a moving object with the translate or rotate tool causes the display of that object to freeze. If you click the frozen object with the select tool, it will jump back to its moving state.

      1. Steven Peters

        It seems a little better, but there still seems to be some problems with rolling objects. In a world file named wireframe.xml (download here), several spheres drop onto an inclined ramp. When selecting these spheres, the bounding box seems to have a different size each time I open that world in gazebo.

        1. Nathan Koenig author

          Right, this is the expected behavior. There is a larger enhancement that needs to take place in order to make selections of models with multiple independent links happen properly.

    1. Steven Peters

      That said, I do still notice some complaints from libprotobuf when I select a link or light source from the ModelListWidget. Running gztopic list shows some strange message names at the end of the list: