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  1. Nate Koenig
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    1. Steve Peters

      Of course, those jobs aren't actually running the GUI tests, so we should be sure to run UNIT_Projection_TEST on our own machines.

  1. Steve Peters

    Are we supposed to install all the worlds in the worlds/ folder? If so, we should install ortho.world.

  2. Louise Poubel
    1. Open Gazebo

    2. Change to orthographic

    3. Insert a box

    4. Right-click box and choose edit model

    5. The view is all gray until you change zoom with the scroll wheel. The same happens when leaving the editor.

  3. Louise Poubel

    I experience a big change in camera position sometimes when changing from one projection type to the other. At one point the field of view became parallel to the ground plane and I couldn't orbit properly. I realize this might be complicated to fix, not sure if it's a better idea to reset the camera pose every time the projection is changed? (this might not be very usable though)

  4. Louise Poubel

    Just checking, lights are not supposed to work on ortho mode, right? Directional and point lights seem to work on ortho projection but not spotlights. If I insert a spotlight for example and then change the projection to ortho, the light green lines are still there but the light itself disappears.

    Lights don't seem to affect the ground plane on ortho.

    1. Nate Koenig author

      You have a bit of an optical illusion going on. In the image below, I removed the move the rightmost grid line linearly to the left past the leftmost gridline. I also inverted the colors for clarity. The lines are parallel.


  5. Louise Poubel

    Sometimes I get weird dark triangles like this, this is ortho.world, the triangles blink when zooming.


    1. Louise Poubel

      humm nevermind, I was trying to do something to avoid duplicate code and I think this only happens on that branch (as far as I can tell, I wasn't able to reproduce it here).

      Just for completeness, I was trying to use toggled instead of triggered to place all the side-effects of entering ortho (disabling the view controllers) on the same place. This is commit 0d42e15, but it seems to cause the issue in the image above.

    1. Louise Poubel

      It's not building now

      /home/louise/code/gazebo/gazebo/rendering/Scene.cc:2737:52: error: ‘stereoOverride’ was not declared in this scope
              iter != this->dataPtr->userCameras.end() && stereoOverride; ++iter)