#1649 Merged at a34df19
  1. Steve Peters

Per issue #1595, the user camera pose can be viewed from the Scene element in the gui. The components can also be set individually for increased precision. I also made sure that the pose field would be expanded when you click on Scene. It's always a pet peeve of mine that the pose elements are not automatically expanded in the gui.

@iche033 also helped me set reduce the size of the increments of the roll/pitch/yaw fields so the scroll wheel is more useful.


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  1. Louise Poubel

    The camera_pose field, unlike the other properties currently under scene, is not a field of scene.proto. Therefore, the other fields are published in a message and changing them on one gzclient affects other gzclients, unlike camera_pose.

    Since on SDF the camera pose is described inside <world><gui><camera>, what do you think of creating a new field in the World Tree above Scene called GUI and inside it put camera, which expanded has a read-only name == user_camera and an editable pose field?

    1. Steve Peters author

      That makes sense. I used Scene because it was already there and my qt skills are minimal. I'll need some guidance on how to do this.

        1. Steve Peters author

          hm...that adds a private variable to ModelListWidget.hh, which I think would break ABI for gazebo5. We could make this change on default, but not here.

          So, should we use Scene for gazebo5 and switch to GUI in gazebo6, or just re-target this to default?

              1. Steve Peters author

                I also made the pose field auto-expand in 034f899d8302.

                The GUI field is so much more responsive than the other fields that have to do request/response with the server. It's really noticeable.

    1. Steve Peters author

      Indeed, though this pull request is targeted at gazebo5, so the projection could be added in a PR targeted to default