#1872 Merged at 676efbf
  1. Nate Koenig

I took Olivier's great contribution (see pull request #1782 for his description of the code), and moved the Battery class to common.

@Olivier Crave Can you take a look at this? I believe the functionality should be the same.

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      1. Olivier Crave

        We are building a drone (bebop first) simulator for internal use only. Its purpose is to help our development teams to test their algorithms in an environment where our firmware communicates with simulated captors and actuators. Gazebo is a key component of this environment.

  1. Carlos Agüero

    I was thinking if it would be interesting to publish a topic with the battery name and its voltage. I see use cases but probably it's OK as it is. You can always do it if you need it and you don't introduce overhead.

    1. Nate Koenig author

      This would be difficult since it would mean libcommon would depend on libtransport. How about we leave this functionality up to the plugins?

  2. Louise Poubel

    The battery seems to keep on being consumed even after the voltage is over, so the voltage goes negative. I also observed that sometimes after a few steps it might go back to positive, but eventually it settles at zero.