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#238 Merged at 53c1d73

Fix for bandwidth test

  1. Nathan Koenig

Changed bandwidth test to just check for the presence of pose messages, not a specific amount of pose messages.

Fix for issue #326

  • Issues #326: bandwidth test failure closed

Comments (2)

  1. Steven Peters

    This pull request fixes the test so it passes for me, even when run without X11.

    However, when I see a test named bandwidth, my first assumption is that it's ensuring that the bandwidth is not excessive. This change makes it so we're not testing for excessive bandwidth. I don't know how I would define that test, but it would probably involve multiple topics (not just ~/pose/info) and objects in motion, rather than just a PR2 at rest.

    1. Nathan Koenig author

      This test is not mean to test excessive bandwidth.

      We could write a new test that brings up the PR2, runs for a set number of steps, and then makes sure the correct (within bounds) number of messages have been transmitted.