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#272 Merged at 8479b1a

Fix for issue #483

  1. Nathan Koenig

See issue for test case.

  • Issues #483: IPv6 handled improperly closed

Comments (4)

  1. Steven Peters

    This works if I have two entries that contain localhost in my hosts file, like the following: localhost
    ::1       localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback

    It doesn't work if I comment out the line containing localhost, giving the following repeating error:

    .Error [Connection.cc:138] Unable to resolve uri[localhost:11345]
    .Error [Connection.cc:138] Unable to resolve uri[localhost:11345]

    Would anyone only provide an ipv6 address for localhost? If this is likely to happen, perhaps we could give a more informative warning message, like:

    .Error [Connection.cc:138] Unable to resolve uri[localhost:11345], do you have ` localhost` in your /etc/hosts files?
    1. Nathan Koenig author

      We can't explicitly put localhost in the error message because the function is used for more than localhost.

      I also don't want to put in text to check '/etc/hosts' because that is OS specific.

      The type of error your have created is a broken network configuration. The user can check answers.gazebosim.org or other network configuration help sites.