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#290 Merged at 4095d19

Support for gz_build_display_tests and gz_build_dri_tests

  1. Jose Luis Rivero

Define macros gz_build_display_tests and gz_build_dri_tests. Issue #478 These macros are defined empty if not valid support is found.

Note that currently both of them are generating qt tests (reusing the old gz_qt_build_tests). I'm not sure if this will be correct for all the cases (i.e: tests needed display but not using qt). What do you think?

Comments (6)

  1. Nathan Koenig

    Some of the QT tests will need just a display, and some will need both a display and DRI.

    Sensor and Rendering tests will need just DRI.

    Does gz_build_display_tests also guarantee that DRI is available?

  2. Jose Luis Rivero author

    No, the thing, as it is implemented work this way:

    1. gz_build_display_tests guarantee there is a DISPLAY available (with or without DRI)
    2. gz_build_dri_tests guarantee there is a DISPLAY available with DRI capability.

    Both of this macros are always compile with support for QT. So my questions now are:

    1. Do Sensors and Rendering tests need QT support?
    2. Can we have tests needed a DRI but not a Display? Probably I'm missing something but I can not imagining running DRI tests without a display.

    Thanks Nate.

    1. Nathan Koenig

      I think the two build options are good.

      For your questions:

      1. Sensors and Rendering tests do not need QT support.

      2. Yes, we will have tests that need DRI but do not need a DISPLAY. It's ok to have a DISPLAY (it won't effect the tests), but it's not mandatory. I think it might be the case that a DISPLAY is required to get DRI.

      1. Jose Luis Rivero author

        This scenario is different (and more complex) than one implemented in the pull request.

        1. We can have: DISPLAY needed tests, DRI needed tests and DISPLAY and DRI needed tests (3 options).
        2. Assuming than QT tests always need DISPLAY, we have to add QT-DISPLAY and QT-DISPLAY-DRI (2 options more).

        5 macros + standard no display dependant (gz_build_tests) seems like too much for me. We should find a way of simplifying the cases or implement a generic solution.

        1. Nathan Koenig

          I think we only need three scenarios:

          1) gz_build_tests : For tests that do not need a DISPLAY or DRI

          2) 'gz_build_display_test`: For tests that require a DISPLAY, but do not require DRI

          3) gz_build_dri_test: For tests that require a DISPLAY and DRI. I'm under the impression that the presence of DRI means the DISPLAY is also available.

          Those three will cover all the test cases.

          1. Jose Luis Rivero author

            Yes, for testing DRI capability we need a DISPLAY available. So we have back to the original idea and the pull request makes sense, it implements exactly your proposed solution.