modified actor to overcome the distortion when loaded with BVH animation

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  1. mingfei sun

In and Actor.hh, add bone length alignment and initial body pose adjustment between dae skin skeleton and BVH animation skeleton.

Comments (3)

  1. Louise Poubel

    Than you for the pull request! This addresses issue #2447

    I made a pull request to your repository fixing the style and adding an example world.

    The changes work great for the few BVH files from the CMU database that I tried! This will allow much more interesting animations in Gazebo now 😄


    I did notice one problem though. When I run worlds/, the actor is walking inside the ground. When I run worlds/ though, the actors look ok. The main difference between these worlds is that the former uses an SDF script tag while the latter uses a plugin. I suspect this pull request may be fixing a problem with the script, which is being compensated for on the world, so we may need to change the world. I haven't looked closely at the code yet though.

  2. Steven Peters

    this is an important pull request, but we aren't ready to merge it before code freeze for gazebo10, and since this changes ABI by adding new private/protected member variables to the Actor class, I've added a private data pointer to the Actor class in pull request #3067 so that this functionality could be included in gazebo 10.1 once we have a chance to review it

    we can advise on the proper way to use the private data pointer if you have any questions