#745 Merged at e426a9a
  1. Steve Peters

This pull request modifies the "View Center of Mass" option in gzclient to show the moment of inertia as well. The COMVisual is modified to show a box of uniform density with equivalent inertial properties, centered at the body center of mass.

It currently only uses the diagonal elements of the inertia matrix; the off-diagonal elements are ignored. This is documented as a TODO in the code and issue #880.

See gazebo_models pull request 57 for an example of the utility of this feature.

Thanks to @spaepcke for the U/X review.

Comments (5)

  1. Nate Koenig

    I think this could be made ABI compatible by removing the default value for COMVisual::Load, deprecating the old Load, and calling the new Load with the 0.2 values.

    Then this PR could be targeted to gazebo_2.1

    1. Steve Peters author

      I've been procrastinating on the ABI checking thing, but I'm building it now. I'll update this to try to target gazebo_2.1 once I've fixed ABI.

      1. Nate Koenig

        Looking at this again.I think it may be ABI compliant already since the changed functions are private.