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Gazebo - A dynamic multi-robot simulator

This is the Gazebo simulator. Gazebo simulates multiple robots in a 3D environment, with extensive dynamic interaction between objects.


Instructions are located at

Gazebo cmake parameters available at configuring time:

  • BUILD_TESTING (boot) [default False] Include the test suite compilation in the default make call (make all).
  • ENABLE_DIAGNOSTICS If this is defined, it will enable diagnostic timers using the macros from Diagnostics.hh (see also the standalone diagnostics example): DIAG_TIMER_START("name") DIAG_TIMER_LAP("name") DIAG_TIMER_STOP("name")
  • USE_HOST_CFLAGS (bool) [default True] Check the building machine for supported compiler optimizations and use them to build the software.
  • USE_UPSTREAM_CFLAGS (bool) [default True] Use the recommend gazebo developers compiler optimizations flags.
  • USE_EXTERNAL_TINYXML (bool) [default True] Use external copy of tinyxml during the build.
  • USE_EXTERNAL_TINYXML2 (bool) [default True] Use external copy of tinyxml2 during the build.
  • USE_LOW_MEMORY_TEST (bool) [default False] Use reduced version of tests which need less quantity of RAM memory available.
  • FORCE_GRAPHIC_TESTS_COMPILATION (bool) [default False] Ignore system checks to look for graphic and acceleration support and compile all the test suites.
  • ENABLE_SCREEN_TESTS (bool) [default True] Enable or disable tests that need screen rendering to run properly. Headless machines or machines with the screen turned off should set this to False.
  • USE_PCH (bool) [default False] Use GNU Precompiled Headers. Only works with the gnu compiler.

  • ENABLE_TESTS_COMPILATION (DEPRECATED) The new behaviour is to call 'make tests' explicitly to compile the test suite. Calling 'make' or 'make all' won't compile the tests.


Read the uninstallation instructions ( in the online manual for generic instructions. For most people, the following sequence will suffice (might need sudo if it installed in /usr):

$ make uninstall (inside the gazebo/build directory)