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\page prerequisites Prerequisites

This page describes the necessary 3rd party libraries to use Gazebo

\section install_required Mandatory

Scons is used as a replacement to autotools.
- Version 0.97 or greater
- <a href="">Scons</a>

The the GUI component of Gazebo is designed to allow users to integrate their favorite GUI libraries with Gazebo. 
- Version 1.1.7 or greater
- <a href="">FLTK</a> (Fast Light Toolkit).

Visual display of Gazebo is accomplished using the OGRE rendering engine. 
- Version 1.4.4
- <a href="">OGRE</a> (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine).

To simulate rigid body physics, Gazebo utilizes ODE. Gazebo requires that ODE support trimeshes. A default install of ODE should enable trimesh suppport, if in doubt check the help files found in the ODE sources.
- Version 0.8
- <a href="">ODE</a> (Open Dynamics Engine)

User input is gathered using OIS:
- Version 1.0
- <a href="">OIS</a> (Object Oriented Input System)

Gazebo requires an xml configuration file to be specified at runtime. We use libxml2 to handle parsing this configuration file:
- Version 2.6.29 or greater
- <a href="">libxml2</a>(XML C parser)

\section install_optional Optional

Player provides a convient mechanism to control the various models and sensors withing Gazebo. If Player is installed, then Gazebo will build a plugin for Player.
- Version CVS HEAD
- <a href="">Player</a>