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@page tutorial_mesh Mesh Creation Tutorial

This page describes how to create your own custom meshes, for use in Gazebo. Only Blender ( is covered, although other packages such as Maya and 3DStudio can be used.

\section create Create your mesh

This is the easy part. Just fire up Blender, and start modeling. There are a few tricks to keep in mind when the time comes to export your model to Ogre.

- You can only export a single mesh.
- Move the mesh to the origin.
- Make sure the scale of the mesh is set to 1.0 for all three dimensions.
     This is important to prevent weird skew problems.

If you are willing to release your model to the public with a free license and it can be relevant to other Gazebo users, please consider contribute it (patch tracking: 

\section export Export your mesh

You'll need the Ogre exporter, which is found here:

Place the Python script in Blender's script directory, which should be 

In blender open the Scripts view, and select "Export" from the menu options. Select the mesh you want to export, and the path, and select the OgreXMLConverter option.

\section gazebo Let Gazebo Know

The final step is to move your mesh into Gazebo's models directory, which is located:

Now you can include your mesh in your world file.

\section resources Resources

Resources with free licenses

OGRE's free resources:

Blender 3D models: