gazebo / gazebo / gui / model_editor / EditorItem.hh

#ifndef _EDITOR_ITEM_HH_
#define _EDITOR_ITEM_HH_

#include "gui/qt.h"

namespace gazebo
  namespace gui
    class EditorItem : public QObject

        public: EditorItem();

        public: ~EditorItem();

 /*       public: virtual void AttachItem(EditorItem *_item);

        public: virtual void DetachItem(EditorItem *_item);*/

        public: virtual QVector3D GetSize();

        public: virtual QVector3D GetScenePosition();

        public: virtual double GetSceneRotation();

        public: virtual std::string GetType();

        signals: void sizeChanged(double _width, double _depth,
            double _height);

        signals: void poseChanged(double _x, double _y, double _z,
            double _roll, double _pitch, double _yaw);

        signals: void poseOriginTransformed(double _x, double _y, double _z,
            double _roll, double _pitch, double _yaw);

        signals: void positionChanged(double _x, double _y, double _z);

        signals: void rotationChanged(double _roll, double _pitch, double _yaw);

        signals: void widthChanged(double _width);

        signals: void depthChanged(double _depth);

        signals: void heightChanged(double _height);

        signals: void posXChanged(double _posX);

        signals: void posYChanged(double _posY);

        signals: void posZChanged(double _posX);

        signals: void yawChanged(double _yaw);

        signals: void originChanged(double _xRatio, double _yRatio,
            double _zRatio);

        signals: void itemDeleted();

        protected: std::string editorType;

//        protected: std::vector<EditorItem *> attachedItems;

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