Need to conflict with gazebo3*

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Issue #1 resolved
Steve Peters created an issue

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  1. Steve Peters reporter

    Looking at the code, it appears to already conflict with gazebo3

    However, when I do apt-cache show gazebo4:

    $ apt-cache show gazebo4
    Package: gazebo4
    Version: 4.0.0-2~trusty
    Architecture: amd64
    Conflicts: gazebo, gazebo-current, gazebo4-nightly, gazebo4-prerelease
    Multi-Arch: foreign

    I don't see gazebo3 in that list.

  2. Jose Luis Rivero

    I've released gazebo version 4.0.1-2 on trusty which includes this patch. Thanks Steve for spotting the problem.

    @emingo could you give it a try?

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