#13 Merged

Adding Path Planner design

  1. Rachel Hwang

A draft of a design doc for a path planning plugin, which will navigate a model to a target location while avoiding collision with obstacles within the world.

Comments (7)

  1. Jose Luis Rivero

    Thanks very much for the submission Rachel. We are not mentioning in the document that the initial plan is to assume an static world (no model movement) when performing the computed trajectories.

  2. Carlos Ag├╝ero

    It looks nice! Just one question.

    It seems that the output of the path planner will be a cost map. What about the resolution of that map? Should the map resolution be another input parameter? If there's a lot of open space you'll probably don't need a lot of resolution but if you are in a really cluttered environment you may need higher resolution to get more accuracy in your trajectory.

    1. Rachel Hwang author


      We are planning on having the map resolution be another input parameter, but do you have any suggestions for what a reasonable default resolution might be? As you pointed out, this is will depend on the environment, but it would be nice to provide a default. Do you think a square meter would be good?

      1. Steven Peters

        I think it could be proportional to the size of the robot. It could also start out coarse, and then recompute a more fine-grained map if there is trouble finding a valid path.

        1. Rachel Hwang author

          I think that's a good way to start. Different schemes may work better with different path planners, so I'll experiment as we add a more complex planner.