#124 Merged at 63bbcb8
  1. Kei Okada

this is rewrited version of https://bitbucket.org/osrf/gazebo_models/pull-request/115/add-apollo15_landing_site_1000x/diff, finally I have understand dtm format and create new hightmap, using https://gist.github.com/k-okada/b76a6a3c32dd77890577

this time I created map around dune crater http://www.google.com/moon/#lat=26.006452&lon=3.666045&zoom=15&apollo=a15/20


Screenshot from 2015-03-05 12:27:12.jpg

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    1. Ian Chen

      I believe the skyx material files we get are all in the media/skyx folder. The SkyX_Moon.png in there is mainly used for the background so it's probably not going to be useful as a texture for the moon surface.

  1. Kei Okada author

    Yeah, is it possible to change background color/texture in gazebo? I think normal ODE has such interface...

    1. Steven Peters

      The background color can be specified for world files, but not for model files. Maybe we can change the texture with skyx?

      1. Ian Chen

        try adding this somewhere inside the <world> element of your world file

              <ambient>0.1 0.1 0.1 1.0</ambient>
              <background>0.1 0.1 0.1 1</background>
          1. Kei Okada author

            Wow!, if we set


            the clouds gone, after 30 sec... Is it a bug? I'm using gazebo2 on indigo. ans how easy to switch the moon for the earth.

            1. Ian Chen

              ya looks like a bug.

              you can modify SkyX_Moon.png with an image editing tool, paste a picture of earth over it and it should just work. The png file should be located in [install prefix]/share/gazebo-2.0/media/skyx/

              1. Kei Okada author

                ok, maybe we need new sdf element such as <planet>moon</planet> to release this kind of features.

                Screenshot from 2015-03-05 12:27:12.jpg

  2. Nate Koenig

    I approved this, and will fix my two comments once merged in.

    Note: Merging this won't make it appear in the model database, so we have a bit of flexibility. We'll update the model database once the associated gazebo pull request is merged, and the two comments in this PR are resolved.

  3. Carlos Agüero

    Do we need one sdf file for SDFormat v1.4 and a different file for SDFormat v1.5? It seems that the files are equal.

    1. Nate Koenig

      They are the same. There is no harm in keeping both, that way someone with an older version of sdformat can still use the model.

      1. Carlos Agüero

        I was thinking on using the file with version 1.4 for people with older versions but not a big deal.