"force_torque" sensors not handled by parser_urdf

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Issue #38 resolved
Alessio Rocchi created an issue

Since the force_torque sensor type has been implemented in gazebo, this sensor type should be supported out of the box also by sdf. Since at the moment this is not the case (as the documentation states), convertion of a .urdf robot description that uses force torque sensors to the .sdf format through gzsdf skips the force torque sensor definitions.

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  1. Steve Peters

    Can you clarify where the documentation states that force_torque sensors are not yet supported? It will help us fix the documentation when we fix that bug.

    I don't see any tests for specifying force_torque sensors in urdf, so it likely doesn't work yet.

  2. Steve Peters

    Thanks, I created #39 to document the incomplete list of sensors.

    The force_torque sensor is currently working in gazebo with sdf (see ForceTorqueSensor_TEST.cc), but as you say, I don't think it's working in urdf. I'm going to re-title this issue to describe the urdf problem with force_torque sensors.

  3. Jesper Smith

    We at IHMC require this functionality as well. This is basically a blocker for getting our algorithm and plugin to work.

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