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servicesim / Using a different robot

Using a different robot

This page explains how to use a robot other than ServiceBot in ServiceSim.

  1. Build ServiceSim from source

    Follow the install from source instructions on the Installation page.

  2. Choose a robot

    Choose the robot you want to use, in our example we'll use the Segway RMP210.

    Make sure the robot you choose has a URDF description package, in our case, it is located here:

  3. Install the robot description

    For simplicity, let's add the robot description into the ServiceSim workspace so everything can be installed with the same command:

    cd ~/ws/src
    git clone
    cd segway_v3
    rm -rf !(segway_description)
    cd ../..
    catkin_make_isolated --install

    Take a look at the description package's launch directory. There should be a .launch file there which, at a minimum, sets the robot_description parameter. I our case, that is:

  4. Create a new competition launch file

    Create a new servicesim_segway.launch file:

    gedit src/servicesim/servicesim/launch/servicesim_segway.launch

    And put the following contents:

      <arg name="robot" default="true" />
      <arg name="custom" default="false" />
      <arg name="custom_prefix" default="" />
      <include file="$(find segway_description)/launch/description.launch" />
      <include file="$(find servicesim_competition)/launch/competition.launch">
        <arg name="custom" value="$(arg custom)"/>
        <arg name="custom_prefix" value="$(arg custom_prefix)"/>
      <group if="$(arg robot)">
        <arg if="$(arg custom)" name="launch_file" default="$(arg custom_prefix).launch" />
        <arg unless="$(arg custom)" name="launch_file" value="$(find servicesim)/launch/spawn_urdf.launch"/>
        <include file="$(arg launch_file)" />

    This will:

    • Launch Gazebo running the competition software
    • Launch the segway_description file
    • Spawn the segway model into the world

    This will not:

    • Launch any controllers for the robot
    • Work with the example solution
  5. Install and run

    Build and install as usual:

    catkin_make_isolated --install

    Launch the new competition file:

    roslaunch servicesim servicesim_segway.launch

    You'll see the Segway inside the competition instead of ServiceBot:


    The Segway meshes don't have nice textures, so we can turn on transparency and joint visuals to inspect that it was correctly loaded:


  6. Test the competition

    You can follow the instructions on the Walkthrough page and check that the competition logic is working.

    Since this example doesn't load any controllers for the robot, this can be tested in "god mode" by teleporting the robot inside Gazebo.

    Try using the command line to ask for a new task, pick-up and drop the guest.

  7. (Optional) Change robot name

    You can see that the Segway is called servicebot in the simulation. If it's desired to change the robot's name, you can change the robot: name property on the config.yaml file and then generate a custom scenario as described on the Scenario generation page.