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I am really frustrated as our robot was standing less than 2 meters from the console but the scoring script was reporting x distances of up to 2.9 meters.

Doing the geometry and the distance from the head to any led couldn't be much more than 2.2 meters

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  1. Nate Koenig

    Chances are that you have an incorrect solution. 42 other teams have successfully submitted results and had no problems with the scoring script.

    Based on this. I would assume that the scoring script is correct.

  2. mocorobo reporter

    Show me. You have the logs and scoring script we sent.

    Two of our team verified the data files and calculations. What if the 42 other teams didn't move the robot closer to the console? Or tweaked the data to averaged results from the scoring script.

    We sent the scoring script and the log files. Seems to me you would have scripts to verify that our logs are proper logs.

  3. Nate Koenig

    I'm not trying to be difficult, but here the state of the situation.

    1. You have made a claim that the scoring scripts are wrong, but you have not provided evidence to back up your claim and you have not pointed to an error in the scoring script.
    2. The quals are over and the rules state that the judges ruling are final.
    3. The final scores for quals are not being distributed, so we won't be able to show you.

    We appreciate your concern, and participation in this event. However, at this time you have to direct any more questions to Space Center Houston.

  4. mocorobo reporter
    1. I did send evidence the log should the position of the robot ~1.2 meters away from the console. The script reports correct answers 2.9 meters away that is impossible if the script is correct the log was produced by your software.

    2. There are overriding rules that apply we send taxpayers money.,

    3. Provide a rational reason for not supply scores other than covering up in inequities.

  5. Rud Merriam

    David, without seeing a lot more of your code it's impossible to say what is wrong. But I assure you that over 20 teams on the FB page had no problems with the scoring. I suggested you were in the wrong order but as Nathan points out you could be reporting in the wrong coordinate system. When I completed my transfor processing everything came out exactly the same as the scoring script.

    I'm a competitor. I've criticized the competition a number of times. But in fairness I'll defend them against inaccurate assertions.

  6. Rud Merriam

    David, c'mon over to the FB group then. It's not a great way of sorting out this kind of issue but maybe someone will be willing to work with you. One of the reasons I created the group for the Sample Return Robot CC was to help one another in just these situations. While we compete we're also interested in seeing someone do a super job in the competition. We're not going to share our 'secret sauce' but the fundamentals or the hair pulling situations like yours we want to help.

    I couldn't get my qual2 time below 13 seconds. Can't say I was tearing my hair because I don't have any. Folks were reporting much better times. I dug and dug at my code until I finally found the bug. Without them sharing times I would have thought I was okay.

  7. mocorobo reporter

    The competition team failed to respond during the judging period and waiting for the results to be announce to use the excuse that the competition is over. Nathan claim there was no evidence but in fact the log and scoring script yield incorrect results. That is de-facto evidence.

    By not releasing the qualifying scores. Is NASA/Sigma hiding slower times by failing to post scores? If they were running the game tomorrow would the public not know what the final score is and have the winner declared by NASA?

  8. mocorobo reporter

    also part of our evidence the picture of the robot standing next to the console has been replaced with another picture. This is tampering with evidence.

  9. Rud Merriam

    Here's some scores reported by the teams in the FB group. At least 8 more qualifying teams are in the group but didn't report scores. The Q2 cutoff is somewhere between 10.23 and 12.124 seconds. Not trying to convince you, mocorobo, just providing facts for the others reading this.

    I'll point out that one of the rules is good sportsmanship.

    Qualifying Scores for half of the qualifying teams: Q1 - 0.18 Q2 – 6.322 Q1 - 0.139 Q2 – 6.503 Q1 - 0.099751 Q2 – 6.570 Q1 - 0.08 Q2 – 6.59 Q1 - 0.17 Q2 – 7.466 Q1 - 0.15 Q2 – 8.22 Q1 - 0.08 Q2 - 8.66 Q1 - 0.65 Q2 – 9.365 Q1 - 0.22, Q2 – 9.9 Q1 - 0.60 Q2 – 10.23

    Non-Qualifying Scores: Q1 - 10.01 Q2 - 9.91 Q1 - 0.098419 Q2 – 12.124 Q1 - 0.285769 Q2 – 13.64 Q1 - 0.538 Q2 - 14.977 Q1 - 0.464917 Q2 – 35.479 Q1 - 1.1, Q2 - 93.3

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