Rotation Behavior Dependent on Robot Orientation

Issue #161 resolved
rsawtell created an issue

It appears the angular rotation rate of the X1 (haven’t tested it on the X2), is at least partially dependent on the orientation of the robot. I noticed it initially while manually driving the robot around, and confirmed it by running some tests. My test setup is simple, do nothing when the controller is launched except post constant angular velocities to /X1/cmd_vel, while printing out the z-axis angle of the robot (it’s initial facing as 0) and ROS time in elapsed seconds. I then analyzed the output data and the results are as follows:

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  1. rsawtell reporter

    This seems to be fixed in the latest updates. I will however note that there is now a sort of implicit max angular velocity of around .41, and anything over this results in increased linear motion instead of increased angular velocity.

  2. Alfredo Bencomo

    That is correct. The X1 has a max angular velocity of about 0.42. We will look to improve it for Urban though. The X2 can rotate at a much higher angular velocity > 2 rad/s.

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