Expected X2 acceleration?

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Martin Dlouhy created an issue

What is maximal expected X2 acceleration? According to


it should be

has_acceleration_limits: true
max_acceleration : 7.0 # m/s^2

But when I run simulation last night it triggered (with the latest docker image) several false “collision detection” due to acceleration magnitude (after G-force removal) larger than 14m/s^2??

acc [-49, -4, 9816]
acc [10522, -3, 11376]
acc [4278, -18, 7706]
acc [4320, -40, 7673]
acc [14022, -37, 12505]
0:00:00.836728 Collision! [14.022, -0.037, 12.505] reported: False
acc [9779, 10, 9818]

I can move the threshold, so it just note, that X2 behavior changed.

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  1. Martin Dlouhy reporter

    It looks like there is some very strange/hard transition for

    virtual_stix.ign  robotName1:=X2 robotConfig1:=X2_SENSOR_CONFIG_3

    resulting in many false collisions:

    0:00:03.057975 go_straight 7.0 (speed: 0.5) (0.0, 0.0, -0.7923794804054256)
    0:00:03.151615 Collision! [18.273, 0.004, 18.782] reported: False
    0:00:03.176237 Collision! [25.47, 0.0, 19.8] reported: False
    0:00:38.168127 Collision! [-19.87, -0.011, 21.035] reported: True

    i.e. X2 was not able to enter the tunnel (for virtual STIX).

  2. Alfredo Bencomo

    Do you see the same behavior with tunnel_circuit_practice.ign?

    ign launch -v 4 tunnel_circuit_practice.ign robotName1:=X2 robotConfig1:=X2_SENSOR_CONFIG_3
  3. Martin Dlouhy reporter

    No. I tried practice 01 and 02 and explored some bits of the tunnels but for virtual STIX I was not able to pass some “virtual barrier” (detected by accelerometer as collision). It was not visible on LIDAR scan.

  4. Alfredo Bencomo

    I just tried it with virtual_stix.ign and it was able to enter the tunnel without seen those collisions messages. What exactly do you mean with “virtual barrier”?

  5. Martin Dlouhy reporter

    These are messages from our control program - you can enter, but please check the accelerometer values. Also I am not entering from positioon (-5, 0, 0) as it looks for you, but approx (-5, 5, 0), where is X2 placed automatically.

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