Missing generated files

Issue #219 closed
GoRobotGo created an issue

Three overnight runs were missing the generated files. try8a try8c try8e

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  1. Nate Koenig

    We are working on a solution. We believe that there is a timeout being hit when uploading to S3.

    try8a: 9ad86109-ed29-4d0c-a87b-0d424ccf729a

    Missing logs

    • Simulation state log file.

    try8c: 410681d2-7b2a-49d9-b364-18b33d983a05

    Missing logs

    • Simulation state log file.

    try8e: b8b4cea6-c18b-45d7-8a58-82a72241b547

    Missing logs

    • Simulation state log file.
  2. Nate Koenig

    New docker images have been deployed to cloudsim that enable line-buffering and rosbagging of the /rosout_agg topic. These two enhancements should resolve missing log files.

  3. Sarah Kitchen

    Will we see these changes locally too if we re-pull from dockerhub, or are these changes deployed only in the AWS version?

  4. Martin Dlouhy

    This is a joke, right? After 17 hours ver25p02x4 e25e7baa-23c2-4f0a-8d86-6432077ed938 finished with With no errors (note that there is not the word “Terminated”) I can see 5 log files - one main and 4 robots as it used to be, and if I click A10F… I get There are no logs to download. This is for robot A and C, B works, D also works … my only hope is that “it is still in progress”??

  5. Martin Dlouhy

    It does not have sense to write here anything … ver25p01x4 3/4 “There are no files to download”

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