DeletingPods With no errors ... for several hours

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Martin Dlouhy created an issue

robotika, ver22d, 2b7d3be1d-185e-48e6-b816-4cbc0f051a4b

started at 10/7/19, 6:18 AM … now is 2:44pm … so 8 hours?!

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  1. Nate Koenig

    I think you are referring to ver22d2 with an id of b7d3be1d-185e-48e6-b816-4cbc0f051a4b. It looks like this instance stop successfully.

  2. Martin Dlouhy reporter

    Yes, ver22d2 - it finished about 1h after my report - I do not know where I found this hash, sorry 😞

    The main log could not be downloaded but I can download logs for both robots.

  3. Martin Dlouhy reporter

    Can you please do some “profiling” (not necessarily now, Urban?) how long it takes to launch pods, run the simulation and delete pods? For example robotika/ver24s02x2/dc160a49-1296-4306-aa29-4b4d440faa55-r-1 is in the state DeletingPods With no errors since 6am and now we have 1pm → 7 hours! … yes, I am very anxious to get the very first results … sorry 😉

  4. Martin Dlouhy reporter

    p.s. maybe I would not mind the long time for pods deletion if I would be already able to download the results/log files

  5. Arthur Schang

    When I’ve previously experimented with startup/tear down of containers on Cloudsim I noted it took about 7-10 minutes to startup and for my run to actually begin whereas I never timed the tear down nearly as precisely but it certainly did not take hours but this was before the additional logging capabilities were adding (which could be contributing to the increase in time spent DeletingPods).

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