Coordinate Systems in Urban worlds

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Sophisticated Engineering created an issue

I understand the odomand the imu/data messages so that the robots are placed in the world directed/looking along the x-axis. The artifact origin does not fit to this because for the first robot x- and y-coordinate are both negativ. So the coordinate system of the artifact origin seems to be turned by 90° to the odom coordinate system.

This is the case in all 3 simple_urban worlds. In all the tunnel worlds we did not have that problem.

For the existing solutions from the tunnel circuit it would be the easiest to still use the unwritten condition, that the tunnel entrance is directed in x-axis- direction.

Could this be fixed in the urban worlds?

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  1. Martin Dlouhy


    The artifact origin is for all circuits in the middle of the entry point/gate, right?

    The DARPA coordinate system is oriented by this gate, correct? What would be the motivation to change it?? The motivation was also to keep Virtual and System Track aligned.

    (we did not manage to locate any artifact yet, so that could be the reason why we did not observe this problem)

  2. Sophisticated Engineering reporter

    For my understanding the Odom coordinate System has another orientation than the artifact origin coordinate system (rotated 90 degrees). So the Odom coordinates will not fit for artifact messages.

    Or where do I have a misunderstanding?

  3. Alfredo Bencomo

    We're looking right now to change it and make the orientation consistent with Tunnel Circuit and with Systems Track rules.

  4. Martin Dlouhy

    @Sophisticated Engineering - are you sure it is correct now? I am not sure about alignment of the images above but NOW it looks like as swapped X & Y:

    Also the robots starts BESIDE the tent instead of IN FRONT of the tent?? I am not sure yet (even with the original report)

  5. Sophisticated Engineering reporter

    @Martin Dlouhy : I haven’t been able to check/test the changed worlds yet. So I cannot confirm until now. And unfortunately I will be busy the next few days. I hope that I can check on Sunday.

  6. Martin Dlouhy

    Yes, it is still the same code.

    I am using the code example say 2 months old - so if there were some updates then they were not reflected.

  7. Alfredo Bencomo

    Martin, et al.,

    Today new docker images were uploaded containing a config file (no code changes) that fixes the behavior you experience above. The image below shows that the 2-months old subt_solution_latest stills work with today’ss Urban images.

  8. Sophisticated Engineering reporter

    With the new docker image (downloaded 1 hour ago) the robot now finds the tunnel entrance.

  9. Martin Dlouhy

    @Alfredo Bencomo when is update on AWS planned? There is still the old version 14-11-2019 with wrong robot placement and wrong robot position. Note that it could be also mixup as some parts are probably downloaded online??

    This is result of today run with

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